What a Boykie

Thanks for processing my order so quickly. It was absolutely lekker! It definitely takes a boykie to make proper biltong – the stuff the local butcheries make is good but not the real deal.  My next order will follow soon!" 

Andy C, Oakville.

"Not only is it the best tasting and most authentic biltong around, but it’s great value too!"

Brian S. - Thornhill
“This biltong is awesome, the best I’ve tasted in this country!”

Craig S. - Thornhill

"Fresh, tasty and delivered to my door. WOW!!! Thank you Biltongboykie!!"

Piet L - Vancouver 
"Your Wet and Fatty Biltong was amazing ....nothing like it here in Alberta"

Dave M - Alberta
"The biltong is EXCELLENT. Go figure, I had to come all the way to Canada to taste the best biltong ever made... "

Patrick, Toronto
“The biltong is so good, it makes me I wish I was South African”

Casey J. 
"I got your goodie package today and I must say that IT IS FANTASTIC!  I love the Biltong particluarly as it is moist, chewy and very flavourful.  I detect something a bit different than coriander in there ...  hmmm I'll have to figure it out as I chow down on the balance of the package.  I have begrudgingly provided several pieces to others who have come into my office, also with rave reviews - Kudos on a great product!